The  2015/16 Prize giving and Club Champ winners were announced in April 2016 at the WSC annual prize-giving and AGM

McKenzie Family Trophy 9 yrs Boy
Winner - Patrik Thomson
2nd Place - Luke Rothwell

Co Baart Memorial Trophy 10 yrs Boy
Winner - Jamie Julian
2nd Place - Joshua Jackson
3rd Place - Zak Surtees
Allan Hodges Memorial Trophy 11 yrs Boy
Winner - Tarquin Magner
2nd Place - Bradley Rothwell

McPherson Family Trophy 12 yrs Boy
Winner - Cambell Julian
2nd Place - Timothy Klein

Coates Whanau Cup 13 yrs Boy
Winner - Elliot Brown
2nd Place - Finn McCleary
3rd Place - Zion Pooley-Prescott

Wilson Family Cup 14 yrs Boy
Winner - Jean-Daniel Rosset
2nd Place - Isaac Jensen

Personal Touch Trophy 16 yrs & over Boy
Winner - Ryan Wilkinson
2nd Place - Caleb Lau
3rd Place - Kong Rueansupa

Burns Family 9 yrs Girl
Winner - Anna Isaac
2nd Place - Ashleigh Lawlor
3rd Place - Sophie Peat

Joy Clark Memorial Trophy 10 yrs Girl
Winner - Ranea Pirihi
2nd Place - Bailey Inman
3rd Place - Lucy Boon

Austin McKay Memorial Cup 11 yrs Girl
Winner - Daisy Boon
2nd Place - Rikki Fitzgerald
3rd Place - Amelia Andersen

Groothoff Family Trophy 12 yrs Girl
Winner - Ruby Clark
2nd Place - Gemma Wilshier
3rd Place - Angela Pongpraiphoom

Smart Accounting Services Trophy 13 yrs Girl
Winner - Ava Andersen
2nd Place - Tahlia Wilkinson
3rd Pace - Tessa Dodson

Tulloch Family Trophy 14 yrs Girl
Winner - Anais Magner

Fahey Family Trophy 15 yrs Girl
Winner - Caroline Paulsen
2nd Place - Olivia Hay

Sportsworld Trophy 16 & Over Girl
WASC Open Champion Boy
WASC Open Champion Girl

Eastern Zone Trophy
Winner - Tarquin Magner

Farquhar Trophy Most Improved Boy
Winner - Caleb Lau

Mary Smith Trophy Most Improved Girl
Winner - Tessa Dodson

President Trophy
Winners - Ryan Wilkinson
Kotahitanga Trophy
Winner - Michelle Andersen

Atherton Trophy
Winner - Magner Family

Personality Trophy
Winner - Ant Hay

8 yr old C.Champs Minis R Spong Cup
Winner - Emilie Rosset
2nd Place - Kaylee Lawlor

8 yr old C.Champs Minis R Spong Cup
Winner - Ronan Byford

9 yr old boys C.Champs Minis Rata Cup
Winner - Benjamin Jackson

9yr old girls C.Champs Minis Tippet Cup
Winner - Molly Byford

8 yr old most club points
Winner - Luke Rothwell

9 yr old most club points
Winner - Benjamin Jackson

10 yr old most club points
Winner - Lucy Boon

11 yr old most club points
Winner - Tyrone Herring

12 yr old most club points
Winner - Angela Pongpraiphoom

13 yrs & over most club points
Winner - Ryan Wilkinson

Overall most club points
Winner -  Ryan Wilkinson

Sportsworld Trophy 16 & Over Open Mens
Winner - Jean-Daniel Rosset
2nd place - Caleb Lau
3rd place - Ryan Wilkinson

Sportsworld Trophy 16 & Over Open Women 
Winner - Ava Andersen
2nd Place - Caroline Paulsen
3rd Place - Emily Julian